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Tele Radio Stereo Italia

Welcome to Tele Radio Stereo, proudly broadcasting on 92.7 MHz FM from the heart of Rome. As a storied radio station with a rich legacy, we are the historic voice of central Italy, serving as a trusted companion to our listeners for many years. At Tele Radio Stereo, we understand the importance of our role in the community. Our programming is a reflection of the diverse tastes and interests of our audience, capturing the essence of central Italy. From music that spans genres and eras to news that keeps you informed about local and global events, Tele Radio Stereo is your go-to source for a well-rounded listening experience. Our extensive history as a radio broadcaster is a testament to the connection we have forged with our listeners over the years. We take pride in being a constant presence in the lives of those who tune in, offering a blend of nostalgia and contemporary content that appeals to a broad audience. Tune in to 92.7 FM for a journey through the sounds of central Italy. Our playlist is carefully curated to include a diverse mix of music that caters to different tastes and moods. Whether you're in the mood for classic hits, current chart-toppers, or local favorites, Tele Radio Stereo has you covered. As a historic radio station, we go beyond just music. Stay updated with our news segments that cover both local and international stories, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of the world around you. Our commitment to quality broadcasting ensures that you receive reliable and engaging content.
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