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Welcome to The Groove, your ultimate destination for the finest R'n'B, funk, and soul on the airwaves. Broadcasting on 88.0 MHz FM in London, we invite you to join us for a musical experience that transcends generations. At The Groove, we curate a playlist that seamlessly weaves together the best of both worlds – the latest R'n'B hits and the timeless classics that have shaped the landscape of funk and soul. Whether you're into the smooth rhythms of contemporary R'n'B or the soulful grooves of funk and soul legends, we've got your musical preferences covered. Our station is more than just a collection of tracks; it's a celebration of the rich and diverse history of R'n'B, funk, and soul. The Groove is your go-to destination for discovering new sounds, rediscovering old favorites, and immersing yourself in the soulful beats that resonate with the heart and spirit. Join us on 88.0 MHz FM in London as we take you on a musical journey that transcends eras and captivates the soul. The Groove is not just a station; it's a community of music lovers who appreciate the timeless appeal of R'n'B, funk, and soul. Tune in and let the music speak to you – The Groove is here to provide the soundtrack for your soulful moments.
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