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Welcome to RTR 99, broadcasting at 99.0 MHz FM right from the heart of Rome – a radio station that stands out in the crowd. Here at RTR 99, we pride ourselves on offering something truly different to our listeners. Our extensive music library, featuring over 50,000 songs, takes you on a diverse musical journey from the swinging '60s right up to the latest hits. RTR 99 is not just about the quantity of music, but the quality and variety as well. Our eclectic mix ensures that every listener finds something that resonates with their personal taste, be it the classic tunes of yesteryears or the fresh beats of today. But music is just one facet of what we do. RTR 99 is also home to hard-hitting, politically unfiltered commentary by the renowned Luca Casciani. With three and a half hours of insightful, often bold discussions, Luca’s segments are a breath of fresh air for those tired of conventional media narratives. His unapologetic approach to tackling political issues makes for thought-provoking listening that challenges the status quo.
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