Indie88 Canada

Welcome to Indie88, your go-to destination for indie rock, concerts, news, and information in Toronto, ON, Canada. Broadcasting on 88.1 FM, Indie88 (CIND FM) is your ticket to the vibrant and diverse world of independent music. Immerse yourself in the dynamic mix of indie rock that defines the spirit of Toronto's music scene. From emerging indie artists to established favorites, Indie88 brings you a curated selection that reflects the creativity and innovation of the indie genre. But Indie88 is more than just a music station. We are your source for exciting concerts, keeping you in the loop with the latest news, and providing comprehensive information to keep you connected with what's happening in Toronto and beyond. Join us on 88.1 FM for a listening experience that goes beyond the mainstream, celebrating the indie spirit that makes Toronto's music and culture scene unique. Indie88 - where indie rock comes to life, and the independent spirit thrives!
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