Fiesta FM Southampton

Fiesta FM Southampton United Kingdom

DnB Liquified is an exhilarating online destination for all Drum and Bass (DnB) enthusiasts. This station is dedicated to showcasing the finest in DnB music, from meticulously curated single tracks to electrifying mixes recorded by passionate and skilled DJs. If you're seeking a place where the beats roll and rinse with intensity, DnB Liquified is where you belong. Listeners can expect a continuous stream of top-notch DnB tracks, providing a diverse and immersive experience into the world of Drum and Bass. The station places a strong emphasis on the quality and energy of the music, ensuring that every track resonates with the true spirit of DnB. In addition to the regular programming, DnB Liquified takes the experience up a notch with random LIVE mix sessions by some of the most beloved and talented DnB DJs in the scene. These live sessions are not only about the music but also about the community. Listeners are notified via Twitter when a live mix is about to start, allowing them to tune in real-time and even interact with others in the chatroom. It’s an opportunity to feel the pulse of the DnB community and be a part of something truly dynamic.
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