Connect FM 91.5

Connect FM 91.5 Canada

Welcome to Connect FM 91.5, Metro Vancouver's newest ethnic voice broadcasting from Surrey on 91.5 MHz. We are not just a radio station; we are a platform dedicated to bringing you a fresh perspective, credible information, and wholesome entertainment. At Connect FM, we embrace diversity and aim to be a reflection of the dynamic communities in Metro Vancouver. Our programming is designed to provide a vibrant mix of content that resonates with various cultural backgrounds. From engaging discussions to diverse music, we are committed to delivering content that represents the rich tapestry of our community. Tune in to 91.5 MHz for an immersive experience that goes beyond traditional radio. Connect FM is your connection to a world of authentic voices, meaningful conversations, and entertainment that uplifts the spirit. Join us in building a community that celebrates diversity, fosters connection, and amplifies the vibrant ethos of Surrey and beyond. Connect with Connect FM 91.5 – where a fresh perspective meets the heartbeat of Metro Vancouver.
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