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Welcome to The New Classical 96.3 FM, where the artistry of classical music unfolds in a symphony of timeless elegance. Broadcasting from Toronto on 96.3 MHz FM, we invite you to immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of musical masterpieces, spanning from Mozart to movie scores, Bach to Bernstein. At The New Classical 96.3 FM, we are more than a radio station; we are your gateway to the greatest music of all time. Let the emotive notes of classical compositions serenade your senses, creating an atmosphere of refined beauty and cultural richness. In addition to the captivating melodies, we provide a comprehensive experience with news, weather, traffic updates, Zoomer Reports, insightful interviews, and live concert broadcasts. Our commitment is to offer more than just music; it's a journey that enriches your mind and soul. Tune in to 96.3 MHz FM and let The New Classical 96.3 FM be your companion in exploring the world of classical music, where every note carries the weight of history and the beauty of artistic expression.
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