Radio Bella & Monella

Radio Bella & Monella Italia

Based in Castelfranco Veneto and broadcasting on 87.6 MHz FM, Radio Bella & Monella offers a dynamic listening experience every day. This station seamlessly blends current hits with the greatest successes from the past, creating an engaging soundtrack for listeners of all ages. Radio Bella & Monella stands out for its interactive approach, allowing listeners to request their favorite songs, thus personalizing their listening experience. The station also prides itself on providing exclusive interviews with music artists, giving listeners unique insights into the lives and works of their favorite performers. Fans of live music and sports can also look forward to winning tickets to major concerts and events, adding an element of excitement to the listening experience. Radio Bella & Monella is more than just a radio station; it's a gateway to the heart of Italian music and culture. By offering opportunities to meet artists before their concerts and to experience the thrill of the backstage, the station brings its audience closer to the vibrant world of music and entertainment in Italy.
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