Laurel Canyon Radio

Laurel Canyon Radio United States

Step into the musical oasis of Laurel Canyon Radio, where the legacy of Los Angeles' famed Laurel Canyon resonates in every note and melody. As an Internet Radio station, we bring to life the diverse and rich tapestry of sounds that define the adult album alternative genre. Our station is a homage to the iconic Laurel Canyon era, a time when the hills of Los Angeles buzzed with the creativity and collaboration of groundbreaking artists. We keep this spirit alive not only by playing the classics of that golden era but also by featuring contemporary artists who are writing the next chapter in this rich musical story. From the soulful strumming of classic rock to the heartfelt narratives of folk, from the innovative beats of indie pop to the raw authenticity of Americana, and from the deep emotions of blues to the earthy vibes of roots and country music, Laurel Canyon Radio encapsulates a musical experience like no other. Join us as we traverse the musical landscape of Laurel Canyon, past and present. Tune in to Laurel Canyon Radio for a journey that celebrates the timelessness of music, uniting the legendary with the contemporary, right here in the heart of Los Angeles' illustrious music scene.
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