Katolickie Radio Podlasie

Katolickie Radio Podlasie Polska

Katolickie Radio Podlasie, broadcasting on 101.7 MHz FM in the heart of Podlasie, is a radio station with a profound Catholic character. Serving as a regional information hub, our numerous field offices make us a key source for local news and events. On air, we go beyond conventional broadcasting by transmitting Holy Masses and inviting listeners to join us in communal prayer. Step into the spiritual realm with Katolickie Radio Podlasie, where the frequencies carry more than just sounds. As a radio station deeply rooted in the Catholic ethos, we extend beyond the airwaves to become a regional center of information, connecting our listeners to the heart of Podlasie. Our broadcasts not only bring you the sacred experience of Holy Mass but also provide a space for collective prayer, fostering a sense of unity and spiritual connection. Join us on this spiritual journey as Katolickie Radio Podlasie invites you to immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Podlasie's Catholic heritage. Tune in to 101.7 MHz FM and experience the uplifting blend of faith, information, and communal prayer that defines Katolickie Radio Podlasie - where the spirit of Podlasie comes alive through the airwaves.
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