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Funky Radio Italia

Funky Radio stands out as the premier online destination for lovers of classic funk music. As the #1 Classic Funk Music Station, it is dedicated to broadcasting the authentic sounds of funk, delivering a rich blend of the genre's timeless classics alongside treasured rarities, particularly from the 70s and 80s disco funk era. The essence of Funky Radio lies in its ability to capture the quintessential funk experience - that irresistible groove that resonates deep in the belly, sending waves of rhythm through the body, compelling listeners to move their feet, nod their heads, and feel the music's soulful vibe. It's a celebration of funk not just as a genre, but as a movement that brings joy and energy to its audience. Funky Radio's programming is carefully curated to ensure a non-stop journey through the best of funk. Every hour, listeners are treated to a mix of classic funk tracks and disco funk hits, with an emphasis on delivering high-quality music that's both engaging and uplifting. The station prides itself on being a no-commercial platform, ensuring an uninterrupted listening experience focused solely on the music.
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