Angel Radio

Angel Radio United Kingdom

Step into the enchanting world of Angel Radio, your haven for nostalgic entertainment on 89.3 MHz FM in Havant. For over two decades, we have been dedicated to providing a unique musical experience, spanning the enchanting eras from the 1920s to the 1960s. At Angel Radio, we curate a playlist that celebrates the golden age of music, taking you on a journey through the timeless melodies of yesteryears. Our station is not just about tunes; it's about creating an atmosphere that brings the past to life, evoking cherished memories and creating new ones. Tune in to 89.3 MHz FM for a blend of nostalgic entertainment, relevant information, and mental stimulation. Angel Radio is more than a station; it's a cherished companion for older generations and anyone who appreciates the musical treasures of bygone eras. Over the years, Angel Radio has received numerous awards, including the prestigious Best Radio Station Serving Listeners in the South of England in 2014. The recognition speaks to our unique place and purpose, where we celebrate the past in a warm and inclusive way, adored within our target demographic.
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